When Spiritual and Universe Signs Confuse You

3 min readOct 7, 2023
Rainbow shown over Beltsville, MD

I, recently, went into this odd place where I didn’t know what to believe anymore in terms of my Spirituality. I met a man who pretended to have this Spiritual and divine connection with me. But, when things weren’t adding up, I learned he was catfishing and scamming me. He has been 1 of many scammers that have approached me as I navigate my Spiritual journey.

Moments like the scam guy are devastating. That situation made me question everything I thought I knew and understood to be true.

I asked God why did He allow this charlatan to come into my sights and manipulate me. I asked, “Why me?” Was there something I wasn’t doing (or doing) to cause God to want to punish me.

All the signs had been there that led me straight to him. But, the signs weren’t wrong. My interpretation of them was what I got wrong.

This journey is slow and often weird. Now, in terms of being who I Am in this world, “weird” is a good thing, but the general feeling is sometimes one of confusion.

Nevertheless, I know I didn’t make anything up. I know what I knew to be true still is. I

know that God is still working on me because the signs and synchronicities are still there. Every. Day. Taunting me like a school child on a playground beckoning me to come back as I try to step away ftom everybody and everything. And my Divine Purpose.

But, I always come back because, of course, I will never leave God. I will never forsake Him. I will always love Him and trust Him and know that, through Him, all things to be true.

The Good. The Evil.

The darkness and light.

The duality is always there, permeating every aspect of my life.

When my world goes upside down and I spiral, I call on God and my Ancestors to help me.

And they come.

I go within so I can hear my Higher Self think.

And the answers always come. If you just listen.

But, not just with your eyes, but with your heart, your mind. Use all of your senses to allow the Universe to send Its message.




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