The Experience of the Have Nots during the United States' Coronavirus Pandemic

4 min readMay 6, 2021

I feel depressed as my family and I continue to endure the Covid-19 Pandemic. The only thing I can think to do at this point is to write my frustrations out.

Last year, I tried to keep my spirits up by throwing myself into working alot. I was, at one time, pulling 12 hour days on a regular basis. I felt Mom guilt because I didn’t see my babies enough but I was trying to save money so I could leave an abusive relationship and make life a little easier on me so I could be around for my sons more.

Fast forward to this year and the real estate closing appointments have practically come to a halt.

My family and I needed to move and we struggled to get approved for a home to rent. My friend and I continously got denied for houses that we knew we could afford to pay rent for. Combined, our incomes are well over six figures.

And you may think, wait, but you said you’re the Have Nots.

Low six figures in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) metropolitan area is like chump change because of the high cost of living. And I have 5 children which makes me have to stretch my income that much more.

It doesn’t help that my friend and I have credit scores that are fair at best and landlords were definitely looking for their best tenants option. They wanted to make sure they would be getting their rent each month.

Nevertheless, God watched over us and helped us to finally get in a house in a less than idea area. But, I am grateful. The house is smaller than we wanted and the schools aren’t the best. But, our new home works for us.

So, we moved in on April 1 and I got to work unpacking and trying to push my financial situation forward.

I am still waiting on my income tax refund.

My ex planned to claim our kids for a third year, despite never being around to help raise them since I gave birth to my 3 youngest sons almost 6 years ago.

He also doesn’t spend as much money on them for food, clothes, toys, educational items or anything else that they need.




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