Stop Blaming Single Black Mothers For All The Problems In The Black Community

15 min readOct 24, 2017

The Black race and the Black community are engorged by a litany of problems:

  1. poverty
  2. lack of education
  3. AIDS
  4. HIV
  5. teen pregnancy
  6. welfare
  7. self-hate
  8. high murder rates
  9. high non-violent crime rates
  10. single parent households
  11. mass incarceration
  12. colorism
  13. mental illness
  14. alcohol abuse
  15. substance abuse
  16. high abortion rates
  17. police brutality
  18. the list goes on and on

These are REAL issues that DO need real and valid solutions. The solutions, however, will not always fall on the Black Woman.

I was struggling to watch another cringe-worthy video in which Dr. Boyce Watkins was speaking to Nomalanga Mhlaui-Moses about poverty and education in the Black community.

Poverty in Africa and Poverty in America.

Dr. Watkins' primary point was that most Black children cannot afford to go to college which in turn leads them to become parents who cannot afford to pay for their child’s college tuition because the parent is still struggling with their own student loan debts.

Which is definitely true. Here is an article that discusses the disparities between Black and White students, in regards, to student loan debt. Student loan debt is at an all-time high for Americans. However, this reality does not only affect Black Americans. The student loan debt crisis is another financial crisis in America, much like the housing market crash of 2008, that affects all races of all socioeconomic backgrounds.


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