Never Date A Guy Who Never Says “I’m Sorry"

2 min readMar 27, 2021

And never date a guy who says “I’m sorry” too much but his behavior never changes.

If a guy doesn’t sincerely apologize after he does something that hurts you, he doesn’t truly care about you.

It’s that simple. No frills about it or overthinking necessary.

Men are meant to protect. That includes protecting your feelings too. Despite what the world says, your emotions DO matter.

If you tell your significant other that he hurt your feelings when he did such and such the other day and he refuses to apologize or worse, scoffs at the notion that his actions could have hurt you, you might want to start thinking about leaving.

You might say I’m being overly dramatic but trust me when I say that your relationship won’t get better from there.

He will continue to hurt you and not be able to hold himself accountable.

He will eventually turn his bad behavior around on you and say that because of you, he had to slap you or because you gained weight, he had to cheat on you.

You see where I’m going here?

When I truly love someone, the last thing I want to do is hurt him.

I am usually apologizing a hundred times in my head before I have a chance to say “I’m sorry” out loud.

And I make sure to try and never do that action that hurt him again because when he hurts, I hurt.

That’s what true love is.

I have dated guys in the past who struggle to apologize.

Their lack of empathy for my emotions never sits right with me.

And that moment of their callousness never leaves me.

Our relationship that was once built on trust and respect, no longer feels the same after that lack of “I’m sorry" because it makes me wonder what else are his motives by being with me?

Does he really love me like he says he does?

Relationships are built on trust. If I can’t trust your motives and you can’t do something as simple as put your ego away and apologize to someone you claim to love...

Well, then, I just won’t be needing to be with you anymore.

To me, actions might speak louder than words. But a sincere apology certainly goes a long way.




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