MY Name Is Not “Beautiful”

3 min readJan 2, 2022

Misogyny is so rampant in this world that males think they can simply sum women up in one word: beautiful.

If I had a dollar for every time a man called me “Beautiful” like he knew me and that was my name, I’d be rich.

Then, males usually would get mad if I ignored him.

I was mad because, yet again, I feel as though I am simply a sex object walking on two legs around in public.

Is it really so difficult to simply let women live?

Being called Beautiful by random strangers never made me want to smile or made me feel good.

It could be the fact that every guy that called me that like it was my name, was an entire stranger.

Calling someone Beautiful reminds me of the guy who calls all his lovers a pet name like “Sweetheart” or “Babe” so he won’t accidentally say the wrong name to the wrong woman.

Essentially, this makes the word meaningless.

Being called Beautiful is like a name for me that strange men call every woman as though we are not important enough to have a name or a separate identity.

It’s lazy and he probably shouts it out to every girl and woman, hoping at least one fish will bite.

It’s always from a guy who I would never date. Usually, he’s loitering in front of a 7-11 hollering out this moniker in the most obnoxious way.

Or he’s hanging on the street corner with a bunch of other guys in the middle of the day in dirty tank tops, indicating they have no job to speak of.

I have been called “Beautiful” or some variation of it since I was a teenager.

This odd term of endearment always came from some creepy-looking guy who appears to have nowhere to live, looks like a pedophile and/or has a long rap sheet.

All of these characteristics is someone I would want nothing to do with on a good day. I don’t believe most women would feel comfortable with strange males leering at them as they made their way in the world, running errands, working, traveling, picking up the kids from daycare. It’s just Yuck! It’s street harassment and it needs to stop.

Be the change you want to see and make sure to teach your sons, nephews and male relatives that girls and women do not like to be relegated to a word that lacks meaning.

Tell them that they should just say “hi” if they have to speak to a beautiful girl or woman. And don’t get aggressive and scary if she ignores you.

Girls and women don’t ignore males who speak because they are mean. They do it out of fear of the male trying to force himself into her life if she simply says “Hi” back.

Try to be sympathetic to her plight. Chances are, if you think she’s beautiful, so you feel like saying “Hi, Beautiful”, then a lot of other boys and men probably feel the same way. She’s heard it way too often (followed by a lack of good intentions) for it to mean anything.




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