Moving Day: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

5 min readMar 17, 2021

No matter how much I hated a place, I always feel sad when it’s time to move on and say goodbye.

Up until now, I never understood why.

As my sons and I pack our things, I look around at all the boxes that are stacked in the dining room, our living room, the kitchen and our bedrooms.

My teenaged sons are ready to go. They didn’t love Baltimore because they couldn’t roam as freely as they are allowed to in Northern Virginia. I allowed my own fears to force them to stay inside or very close to the house.

That lifestyle wasn’t normal for any of us but it kept them safe.

My three younger sons seem indifferent to the boxes piling up all around the house and they definitely don’t seem to have any clue as to what is going on.

My two year old twins are more concerned with playing between the boxes and finding things to run off to their room with that they know they probably shouldn’t have.

It seems it is only me that is feeling a bit sad about once again looking at our entire lives packed away in boxes.

I’m a VA girl. I grew up in Manassas, VA but I know that Baltimore will always hold a special place in my heart.

The people I met here were especially kind and down-to-earth. My neighbors looked out for each other more and they were just warm over all.

The memories we have in the houses we lived in always makes it hard to say goodbye. It’s like we are leaving ghosts of our former selves behind.

When I first moved in almost three years ago, I was pregnant with our twins. My eldest son was just turning 14 and my second oldest son was going to be 12 later that year.

My eldest was getting his first smartphone, an iPhone. I felt it was finally time because he was out and about more, hanging with friends, playing basketball…growing up and breaking that tether more…




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