Mark Zuckerburg Doesn’t Use Facebook as a Toy, Neither Should You

5 min readMay 10, 2017

In 2017, social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and SnapChat are increasingly becoming a part of our normal routines and our daily lives.

The number of users using each of these social media platforms on a monthly basis is below:

So, I often wonder who made the rule that Social Media should be used as just a game? Or some sort of way “to simply pass time”?

Technology has always been an unbelievably powerful tool to use for various tasks. My sons use technology in their school as part of their education. My family saves money each month due to media streaming and turning off our expensive cable.

Of course, I am an IT Professional and have worked in the IT field for 17 years. This might make me a bit biased towards how awesome information technology is. But, it’s true. I’m always shocked at how little people take advantage of search engines, social media and all the information technology that’s all around them to further enhance their lives.

Below are some stats that show how the top social networks and top networks are being used in all countries.

You can see that Facebook is used about half the time for news. Facebook might seem like it’s all about fun and games, but in reality, Facebook could be making you a ton of money. And Facebook makes a lot of money off of you. You might wonder how this is the case because Facebook is free.

However, most true business owners know that to gain their customers/clients trust, they must first give something away for free to hook the customer then reel them in for the sale.

Social media offers you a free platform to use to talk to friends and family…




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