Malcolm and Marie: An Honest Review From a Black Woman

6 min readMar 18, 2021

****Spoiler alert!****

If you haven’t seen the movie “Malcolm and Marie” and you don’t want to know what happened in the movie, especially the ending, then stop reading now.

Netflix has a new movie out called Malcolm and Marie. I have to be honest, I had no real interest in watching this movie until I read a few reviews that indicated that Marie was this victim and that the movie was really about the abuse Marie endured from Malcolm.

A white man wrote that review. And this made me question his perspective.

The reviews I read indicated that Marie was the sole victim and Malcolm was the aggressor in their relationship.

Pretty cliche if you ask me.

I felt there had to be more to a movie that went through the trouble of getting two huge actors, Zendaya and John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington, to play in this dramatically black and white movie.

Due to some of the reviews that stated the movie was basically about Marie being an abuse victim, I purposely waited for some time to watch the movie. I felt that the movie would trigger my own emotional trauma from years of enduring verbal and physical abuse from a past relationship.

Yesterday, I finally ran out of things to watch besides Malcolm and Marie…so, I gave in, laid down and started the movie.

From the beginning, I saw a happy boyfriend dancing around the home he shared with his partner and I saw an upset girlfriend.

It seemed as though Marie was stewing on something but she wasn’t really talking while Malcolm remained happy and almost oblivious to Marie’s silence.

Marie used the bathroom then came out and made Malcolm some Mac N' Cheese which he seemed to not appreciate because he said something along the lines of “here we go with the Mac N’ Cheese again”.

As a Black woman, I took it as though Malcolm was saying that Marie could not cook. Or, maybe, he was saying that’s all she ever cooked. Either way, his comment didn’t seem positive. But, I digress.

Eventually, the arguing began.




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