Kyle Rittenhouse’s ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict is Divisive

3 min readNov 20, 2021

When my tribe, ADOS, yell out for reparations, whether it be in-person, on TV or social media, I see Congress or some white person say, “Reparations for Black people is divisive!”

But, what is “divisive” to me, as a Black woman, is watching white people enjoy a different experience in America when it comes to, well, everything.

From statistics proving that Black people are arrested more compared to white people when both are committing the same crimes to watching a*shats like Rittenhouse, George Zimmerman and almost every white cop walk away scot-free after shooting and killing an American citizen.

See, what White Supremacists and the rest of America may not understand is that there is a new day and storm brewing underneath. Black people are watching the injustice of America play out on our computers and our smartphones. Things that were hidden and once cloaked in secrecy are now being shown for the entire world to see.

This isn’t exactly a newsflash, but, it must be said.

America is racist.

It’s weird when I hear people say that “racism” is a notion that is hard to prove. And I consistently will argue that racism is not difficult to prove. Racism seems like it’s difficult to prove because Americans live in a racist society. So, racist events are covered by racists and made to look as though the racism didn’t happen.

But, we can’t all be crazy when we are marching in the streets for, yet, another unjust event that occurs between a Black person and a white person, in which the white person kills a Black person. Or beats a Black person and the litany of cruelties put upon Black bodies goes on and on. Yet, time and time again, Americans see a more appealing outcome for white people versus Black people.

The definition of racism is when one race feels superior to other races and I will extend that half-assed definition to say that racism allows one race to actively oppress another race over and over again.

Racism is systemic and institutionalized in America and, dare I say, around the world.

When Black people and the world see white people receive a different type of justice than Black people do then the comparison…




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