Happy Malcolm X Day: Celebrating an African American Icon and Hero

4 min readMay 19, 2017

Malcolm X was born May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. During his short years on this Earth, he made a great impact on millions of lives.

Today, Malcolm X, would have been 92. He was assassinated February 21, 1965 at the young age of 39 leaving behind a wife and 6 daughters.

Malcolm X was one of the first autobiographies I have read from cover-to-cover. I remember reading “The Autobiography of Malcolm X: as Told to Alex Haley”. I felt like Malcolm X and I had a lot in common in our way of thinking. The things he would say, I felt came straight from my mind. His fearlessness in fighting against White Supremacy and racism matches my fearlessness.

“By any means necessary!”

Malcolm X was an unapologetic Black man. His father followed Marcus Garvey and instilled Marcus Garvey’ beliefs into his children, including Malcolm X.

What I think I like most about Malcolm X is that he is not perfect, but, he said what he meant without hesitation and with complete confidence in self. Malcolm X (later going by el-Hajj Malik Shabazz) was a knowledgeable and articulate man who loved his people. He wasn’t afraid to state what needed to be done to improve Black America.

Malcolm, primarily, seemed to be a good man, a good husband and a good father who was a seeker of Truth. These are characteristics that resonated most with me.

I would never need Malcolm X to be perfect, in order to, honor him and forever look up to him as an African American hero. Humans aren’t perfect. Heck, even the people running




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