Do’s and Don’ts for Protective Styling African American 4b “Fine” Type Hair

8 min readMay 23, 2017

Many African American women love experimenting with their hair and rocking the latest styles. I am one of those women. I have adorned my crown with short haircuts, relaxed hair, Natural hair, braids, weave, dyed hair, two-strands, cornrows…you name it and I have rocked it.

However, as I get older, I am constantly learning what my hair likes and doesn’t like. Here is a list of things my fine, thick 4b hair hates:

1) “bad” types of alcohol

2) weave

3) braid extensions

4) home dye jobs

5) too many weeks without being washed

If you turn on YouTube, you’ll see hundreds of Black women talking about “protective styling”. Oftentimes, those protective styles include wearing some form of synthetic hair or hair that isn’t ours.




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