2022: The Year 5 Reparationists Candidates Ran for Office

3 min readJan 12, 2022

The ground is blanketed with snow. It’s cold outside and the world is still under the attack of a virus that just won’t let us go.

But, under this quiet arrest, there is a brewing of something much bigger than many don’t even realize. In this year of 2022, for America’s midterm elections, for the first time in history, five Reparationists candidates are running for office.

The five candidates are: Tamara Johnson-Shealey (D-GA), Rev. William Summerville (D-CA), former Mayor of Brighton, Brandaun Dean (D-AL), Marcel Dixon (D-SC) and Christopher Leggett (I-GA). In this group, there are 2 U.S. Senate candidates, 2 House of Representatives candidates and 1 Mayoral candidate.

Black Political Swingers, the company I put together to promote becoming a Black Swing Voter, represents and works with all 5 candidates.

Managing 1 candidate can be quite perplexing but managing 5 has been downright exhilaratingand exciting.

But, the greatest surprises of all have yet to be mentioned.

All 5 candidates are Black (or shall I say Descendants of Chattel Slavery) and all 5 candidates are running on a Reparationist platform.

In this great moment in history, the pressure is on to get this right.

While some of us live, breathe, eat, sleep politics and campaigns, many others are oblivious to what is truly going on around them.

How did some of us ever live in a time when politics was nothing more than an afterthought? When politics was not much more than a care?

Now, I am constantly consumed by races, elections, laws and policy, candidates, the president, vvice-president and Congress.

As a young-ish woman from Northern Virginia with a full lineage of military Vets, myself included, you would think politics would be something we would have talked about on a daily basis.

We didn’t.

The most I heard about politics growing up was that Jackie Kennedy-Onassis was a favorite of my mother’s for her grace, fashionable attire and elegance.

My family and I never talked about the Civil Rights movement either and what that was like for my…




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